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Pro-Life III provides many benefits. Even the first of the eight benefits alone is worth the price you pay for. What's more, you can save the environment as you do not need electricity to run this water filtration system. 

1. CLEAN AND SAFE WATER - Water that is free from bacteria, microorganisms, chlorine, impurities, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals and heavy metals. 

2. BALANCES BODY pH - Alkaline water that contains minerals which help to balance the body's pH. 

3. ANTIOXIDANT INFUSED - Converting tap water from having oxidizing potential to antioxidant potential that helps to remove free radicals. 

4. READILY ABSORBED - Smaller clusters of water molecules that helps improve hydration and the delivery of nutrients at cellular level. 

5. ENERGIZING - High level of negative ions that helps to energize the body. 

6. NOURISHING- Provides the body with essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron.

7. FACIAL CLEANSING - Facial cleansing is the most important step of skin care routine. 
Smaller cluster of water molecules penetrates deeper into skin for a better facial cleansing. 

8. BETTER FOOD AND DRINKS - (a) Pro-Life III water taste sweeter and smoother. 
Make tea and coffee with Pro-Life III water for 30 minutes to remove dirt, toxic chemicals and to preserve freshness. 


 Ensured smoothness! 

X  No need electricity!

X  No costly maintenance!